As per the Guideline of NAAC, The institution has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) as a post accreditation quality substance measure. The IQAC is a part of the institution`s system working towards a fruitfulness of the academic and administrative performance of the institution

Composition of IQAC
  1. Chair Person : Dr. Pratik A. Dave , Principal
  2. Co-ordinator : Prof. Ramnik L. Pandya
  3. Administrative Staff : Shree Devendra J Raval, Accountant
  4. Teachers:
    1. Dr. S.B Makwana
    2. Dr. H. P. Dave
    3. prof. R. G. Dave
    4. Dr. B K Gamit
    5. Prof. J V Joshi
    6. Dr. J R Dangar
    7. Prof. M G Pandya
    8. Prof. J D Raval
    9. Prof. M C Gor
    10. Dr. S N Ransariya
    11. Dr. N M Marvaniya
    12. Prof. D M Chaudhry
  5. Member from the Management
    1. Shree Arvindbhai Sanghv, President
    2. Shree C.D. Patel, Vice President
    3. Shree JAyeshbhai Patel
    4. Shree Amichandbhai L. Sanghvi
  6. Alumni : Shree P. R. Marvi
  7. Stake Holders and Community Representative
    1. Shree A. K Jadeja
    2. Shree C K Vyas
    3. Shree Mehul Joshi
    4. Shree S R Zala
  8. External Experts
    1. Shree. B R Singhvi
    2. Dr. Nilesh Sanghvi
    3. Dr. Ramesh Bajaniya
  • IQAC Meetings Held during the year (2014-15)
    1. 27/07/2014, Sunday
    2. 18/01/2015, Sunday

    IQAC keenly observes the institute academically and socially progresses as per the vision and mission founded by the institute.

  • Workshops and Seminars organized by IQAC
    1. Organized One day workshop on Personality & Skill development on 19/01/2015
    2. Organized career guidance workshop on 23/01/2015